Police Department


Police ~ 456-0028 Located at 167 Broadway.


Bill Whinna
Chief of Police Bill Whinna

The Westville Police Department would like to welcome you to town. We are a full time police department that provides 24- hour police service seven (7) days a week. Our police department provides a D.A.R.E program at Parkview Elementary School that is conducted by one of our police officer specializing in drug awareness and juvenile problems. Parents should also be aware that the Borough of Westville has curfew for juveniles under age of 18 that is enforced from 9:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. by the police department.

In an effort to help us provide a better service to you we would like to ask the following:

Please make sure your address is clearly displayed on your house. In the event you need our services responding officers will be able to save valuable time in a emergency and quickly find your house by simply having your address clearly displayed. Please make sure shrubs and bushes are trimmed away from doors and windows. Night lighting around your house deters problems. Make sure your locks are working and use them. Upon request, a member of our Police Department will be glad to come to your house and give you advice on security and point out areas of concern that need improvement. Please call the police department at 456- 0028 to make arrangements for this free service.

If you have any questions about local ordinances or New Jersey State Laws feel free to call us.

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