Tax Maps

Click on Sheet 1 below to identify the map on which your area of interest is located, then click on the map number to display the property tax map.

Sheet 1 (Index Sheet)
Sheet 2 (Newbold from 4th to Delaware View)
Sheet 3 (Delaware View to the River)
Sheet 4 (4th st Newbold to Edgewater Ave north of Center)
Sheet 5 (Broadway along RR and Rt 45 and part of Victoria Section)
Sheet 6 (Center to Oak and Center to Klinger)
Sheet 7 (Soccer field area)
Sheet 8 (Oak to Avon and East Olive Section)
Sheet 9 (Harvard, Lehigh and Industrial Parks)
Sheet 10 (Burr, Hillside and Ballfields)
Sheet 11 (Ballfield Industrial area)