Message from Mayor Sims


Recently you may have received a letter from code enforcement regarding snow removal ordinances that are being enforced. Clearing your sidewalks of snow after a snowstorm is important to ensure the safety of school children walking to and from school or bus stops , pedestrians needing to use the sidewalks to move about the town and our postal workers to deliver your mail. It is important to our businesses to ensure their customers can reach them to do the business needed. It also ensures the safety of our Police, Fire and EMS personnel to reach you a little bit quicker and to safely carry you out of your house in case of an emergency.

We realize the town is made up of many Senior Citizens and residents with medical conditions that may not allow them to shovel snow or afford to pay someone to shovel the sidewalks for them. Keeping that in mind I am asking all residents to consider participating in community spirit activities associated with volunteer work, favors and gestures of goodwill you can provide to your neighbors you may know that needs help with snow removal. Be mindful of your neighbors needs and help them if and when you can. I myself do the same on the street I live. Make our town an even better place to live by helping your neighbors. Get involved. Make a difference.

Also, please be mindful of pending weather forecast. If a snowstorm is being predicted for our area please  park your vehicles in your driveway to allow our Public Works Department to plow your street safely and more efficiently.