Discharge of Sump Pump Water

The Code Enforcement and Public Works Departments are currently conducting area inspections of Sump Pump and Rain Gutter release of water that discharge onto the sidewalk and streets that pose a safety hazard in the cold months when the water freezes and then in the warmer months, when the water turns stagnant.   To address this issue, letters are currently being mailed to property owners whose Sump Pump/Gutters discharge water over the sidewalk, under the sidewalk and/or through the curb .  Additionally, these types of water discharges are prohibited by Borough Ordinances and detailed in Code 336-1 and Code 282-1(E).    Any questions regarding this information can be directed to the Code Enforcement Office at 856-456-0030, ext. 116.  Copies of Code 336-1 and 282-1(E) are available at the Municipal Building located at 165 Broadway, Westville, NJ.  Borough offices are open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.