Bring Your Pets Inside

Now that cold weather has arrived, below is information from the New Jersey State addressing the treatment of pets:

Unlawful Treatment of Animals
It is unlawful to expose a dog, pet, or service animal to harsh weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures (32 degrees Fahrenheit or below), excessive heat (90 degrees Fahrenheit or above), rain or snow, for more than thirty minutes when the owner or caretaker of the animal is not with the animal and exposed to same conditions. An owner or caretaker who violates this requirement could be subject to a fine, imprisonment, community service, ordered to pay restitution, and/or possibly have his or her animal seized.
To avoid a violation of this section of the Act, an owner or caretaker must provide his/her animal with appropriate shelter if the animal will be out in harsh weather for longer than thirty minutes. A proper shelter is a structure that is soundly built, in good repair and provides the animal with adequate ventilation, water, light, and space to move and sit. In addition to these standard requirements, the shelter must also be enclosed, have a solid roof, solid walls with a single opening, a floor that is not the ground, insulation, dry bedding, and a windbreak at the entrance that is sufficient to keep the animal dry and maintain the animal’s normal body temperature when the animal is exposed to freezing temperatures and/or inclement weather.  When the animal is exposed to excessive heat, the structure must also have adequate shade or a cooling area by natural or artificial means to allow the animal to maintain a normal body temperature.

Below is additional information regarding the treatment of animals:
State of New Jersey, Department of Veterinary Public Health
Guide to Prevention of Animal Cruelty Laws

To report animal abuse, contact:

Borough of Westville Police at:  856-456-0028
County of Gloucester Animal Control:  856-881-2828