Licensing Your Pet


 Benefits of Licensing your Dog or Cat
  • It’s the Law.  In the Borough of Westville, all dogs and cats, seven months of age and older are required to have a license and rabies vaccination.
  • If your pet goes missing, having your pet licensed drastically improves your chances of getting them back.  A license helps animal control quickly identify your pet and bring them back to you safely.
  • Licensing lets people know your pet is up to date on its rabies vaccination.  A dog or cat cannot be licensed unless it is properly vaccinated.  Animal control will be more likely to handle your pet if they know your dog or cat is healthy and doesn’t have rabies.
When to License your Dog or Cat

Licenses are issued on a yearly basis starting January 1 of each year.

By Mail
Mail the Pet Registration Form, along with the payment in the
form of a check or money order (payable to the Borough of Westville) to 165 Broadway.
All documents and payments can also be placed in the large “drop box” in front of the Municipal Building.
(Include a copy of your pet’s current rabies vaccination certificate.)

(After two business days, borough employees will mail the license, receipt and rabies certification)

What are the costs associated with Licensing a Dog or Cat

Fees for Dog License Renewal are
                    $  7.00 for spay/neutered dogs              $10.00 for Non-spayed/neutered dogs

Fees for Cat License Renewal are
                    $  5.00 for spay/neutered cats                $ 8.00 for Non-spayed/neutered cats

(A $15.00 late fee will be assessed for each license submitted after April 29, 2021)
(A $50.00 non-compliance  fee will be charged to those pet owners for each cat or dog found to be unlicensed.  ‘Noncompliance is defined as purposefully ignoring requests from the Borough to have a pet licensed’)

 Questions about Licensing your Pet

Contact the Borough Office at 856-456-0030, extension 113