Landlord / Rental Unit Registration

For a review of the complete Landlord/Rental property registration Ordinance Click on the following link:  Chapter 197: Housing Standards

All building or structures used, occupied or offered for occupancy as a rental facility on a lease or rental basis shall be registered in writing on a form provided by the Borough of Westville, which form shall be signed by the owner, operator and/or the registered agent and filed with the Borough Clerk or his/her designees. Said registration shall state, among other things, the name, address and telephone number of the registered agent (which may be the same as the owner), the location of the building, the portion of the building to be used as a rental facility, the number of dwelling units, the proposed number of occupants, and their names, in each dwelling unit, the number of rooms in each dwelling unit, the proposed use of each such room and the dimensions of each such room. Such registration shall be accompanied by a floor plan, drawn approximately to scale, indicating the location, use and dimension of each room covered by the registration. Any changes in information required to be included in the registration, including but not limited to a change in the occupants or their number or a change in the identity of the owner, operator and/or registered agent, will require an amended registration.  Owner-occupied two-unit rental facilities are not required to file the landlord registration.

The owner, operator and/or registered agent of the subject rental facility shall be responsible to file an amended registration statement with the Borough within seven days of any change or changes in any of the information required by the registration statement.