Local Board of Education

The Local Board of Education are a group of elected officials that are responsible for the administration of the Local School District and Budget. They prepare and plan all aspects of the administration of our local school system (K through 6) including the amount of taxes to support their operations.

The Board Office is located at: Parkview School located at Birch and High Streets.

Telephone: 456-0235

School Board Members:
School Superintendent: Shannon Whalen

School Board meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in Parkview School.

  • Robert W. Miller, President
  • Jessie McCullough, Vice President
  • Wendy Baxter
  • Kate Burgo
  • Colleen Collins
  • Donna Domico
  • Lynn Lucas
  • Scott Magill
  • Alyson Young