Many former students of Mrs. Olive will recall singing this song as part of their study of the history of their home town:

Friendly Westville

Many towns like our town.
Help to make this nation great.
Many children years from now.
Will sail our ship of State.
May the lessons learned these days
In Westville Public School,
Serve us well in Future years
When our country we must rule.

Westville, Westville, friendliest town I know, Come meet the people of our town, Stay here and help us to grow. We hope you read the history of our town, you will meet the people of our town who laid the foundation for a prosperous community, serving its citizens now and then.
History written by Laura R. Maltman and Ann Seher. The authors express deep appreciation to C. Donald Jess, a former resident, who generously lent them the research which he had previously done on his hometown.