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New Administrative Office Hours

In an effort to better serve the Residents of Westville, we will be experimenting with extended hours for our Administrative Offices.  Beginning April 1, 2016 our Offices will be open Monday through Thursday  Ten Hours each day 8am to 6pm.  The Offies will be closed on Friday.

We have noted that the number of residents who visit us on Friday is reduced compared to the rest of the weekdays.  In addition, we have recieved requests for more availability of the offices staff and services after 4pm.  

Hopefully, these new hours will address the needs of our residents in a more timely and efficient manner.

If you have any questions about the hours or need to meet us on a Friday, Please give us a call at 456-0030 and ask to speak with the Adminitrator.  We would be glad to accomodate you.

Vacant Property Registrations…

Vacant property registrations will now be completed through Community Champions, a private company engaged by Gloucester County to assist in the indetification and maintenance of properties that have become vacant.  The Borough has chosen to enter into a shared sevice to utilize this company’s resources for assistance with our Vacant Property Program.

The Community Champions web site is

For further information, please contact our Hosuing Officer at 456-0030